Break that Art Car!

Exhibition of artistic cars and related event
June 2011 - Turin, Italy
Client: MauTO
Academic Project

During the restructuring of the National Automobile Museum of Turin (MauTO), we have been asked to design an exhibition for showing at least six BMW Art Cars and the related event. The project consists in placing the cars in some coloured backlit boxes. We decided not to use any squared forms, placing the elements without a precise path. We designed some ad hoc elements like platforms and showcases, especially using plywood, a cheap and easy to dispose material. Thanks to a long serie of small details, the visitors are projected into BMW’s world and history, in which are showed videos and posters of the working artists. In the main area of the museum, the so-called “square”, a related event takes place, at precise days and hours. During this performance professional writers depict various BMWs using spray cans, while some breakdancers show their skills, dancing at the rhythm of music played by young DJs. The event is toughth in order to involve both young and adult people.