Casualmente & Ordinatamente

Pod holder for coffee machines
February 2010 - Turin, Italy
Client: Lavazza

During this workshop we have been asked to design a new pod holder for the coffee machine “A modo mio” by Lavazza. According to that, we analized the habits of the average user, in order to understand the favourite way of placing the pods in the holders, dividing them by taste and colour. We discovered that it is quite uncomfortable to handle the entire pods packaging everytime, that has to be extracted and stored in the pantry. Moreover, actual pod holders constrain the user, because he has to meticulously put the pods in the right hollows. Our idea was to adapt the way of storage pods to the user’s lifestyle; that’s why we designed “Casualmente” and “Ordinatamente” (Casually & Neatly). Casualmente is an elegant and simple cube, that reminds to the shapes of the espresso machine “A modo mio”. The graphics is inspired to the 60s but there’s a strong connection with the actual Lavazza’s logo and the shape of the pods. Ordinatamente is, instead, a pod holder made by three hollowed cylinders, with different heights, that allow the user to dispose the pods according to the numbers and the taste. The diameter of the cylinders is calculated to avoid the pods’ reversal.

Modeling with Rhino