Chinese Linkwords Cards

Set of educational cards for Chinese learning
April 2017 - Shanghai, China
Personal Project

Chinese is quite a complex language to learn. However, with commitment and daily practice it is certainly possible to successfully master it. One of the first necessary steps to learn Chinese is to memorize simple vocabulary and its proper pronunciation. Chinese Linkwords is a mnemonic system based on the similarity of the sounds of words. The process involves creating an easily visualized scene that will link the words together, from Chinese to English language. Chinese Linkwords includes 3 decks of 40 colorful learning cards each. The first deck consists of a selection of 40 common words, the second mainly focuses on verbs and Chinese zodiac, while the third one on numbers and traditional Chinese culture. The cards have been designed with the support of certified Chinese teachers and other graphic designers and are to be intended as a complementary study method for elementary Chinese (HSK 1 and HSK 2). Suggested for children and teens, the cards can be also used by adults, alone or together with other students. Characters are written in Simplified Chinese and include Pinyin.