Cupido strikes again

Stop-motion video
October 2011 - Stockholm, Sweden
Academic Project

Media Production Course’s last task was about the realization of a 2:00 minutes video. There were no limits to the imagination or restrictions about the techniques we could have chosen. So that, we decide to used different techniques and joining them together. After inventing a short and funny story, we shooted, on a white background, a sequence of about 600 high-resolution pictures. Their parameters (e.g.: contrast) have been subsequently modified with Adobe Photoshop, while using a graphic tablet and Adobe Illustrator, we draw and positioned a serie of illustrations, placed in the context of the story. Regarding the video editing, it was quite simple. We used Final Cut Pro, placing the pictures in the right sequence and with the right timing, arranging the background musics. The video is now published on Youtube.

Video screen 1

Video screen 2

Video screen 3

Video screen 4

Video screen 5