Dazzle Christmas Window

Proposals for Dazzle retail store in Kerry Centre
November 2015 - Shanghai, China
SPARKS Companies Project

DAZZLE Fashion is a Chinese group specialized in retail industry for specialty apparel. Created by women for women, DAZZLE celebrates the aesthetics of contradictory in the designs that interpret the personal style towards an ideal of universal beauty. Their main collections are DIAMOND DAZZLE, a combination of craftsmanship translated into couture, d’zzit, that offers unlimited trendy choices and NA BY DAZZLE, a recreation of the independent spirit of NA Ying, singer, for elegant and confident women. The following proposals for the Window Display in Kerry Centre, are an attempt to merge DAZZLE’s irreverent strong values together with the more traditional ones of Christmas. Although not officially recognized in China, Chinese people are already familiar with this tradition. The proposals include an oversized Gingerbread Man together with a ribbon and a candy cane, or a fireplace, a Christmas tree and a reindeer, made out of recycled cardboard. The mannequins instead are keeping their stern look, together with the marble wall on the back.