Drawing made by using pencils and pantones
June 2010 - Turin, Italy
Academic Project

This drawing has been done for the course “Representation Techniques”. The final task consisted on the freehand drawing of a common object and/or available at home. In this case, I have choosen an old gramophone, that I found interesting to draw because of its combinations of materials and colours. The object has been represented in scale 1:2 on a A1 sheet and described through a frontal, a side and an upper view. In order to show the internal parts, I drew an exploded assembly and a section too. The artboard itself is not static, but movable. Some parts of the gramophone, like the amplifier and pin’s arm in the upper view and the handle in the side view are, in fact, interactive and can be moved recreating the real movement. For the drawings I just used pencils and fine china pens. For colouring, instead, I used coloured pencils, Pantones and Uni Posca. Rulers and/or set squares have never been used.