Hospital goes Home

Interior lighting design project
March 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden
Client: Tengbom Arkitekter
Academic Project

Working together with the architecture studio Tengbom Architekter, we took care of the indoor lighting design of a part of the hospital and university Karolinska Institutet located in Huddinge, in the southern area of Stockholm. Tengbom’s studio concept was to recreate a “home away from home”, in which the typical object and sensations of the home were transported into a public space. According to the architects’ concept, we developed our project, trying to bring some typical elements of the hospital into the house. We designed a modular lighting system, with a really important role of the light. The different areas of the hospital have been renamed with home-related names. So that semi-private areas became studios and corridors became living rooms. The project had been analyzed and checked in every part. We took care both of the artificial light (and related power consumption) and of the daylight (calculated using Relux Pro). We tested all the light sources we used, in order to verify the real colour temperature and the sensation they would have give once installed. The modular walls, specifically designed, have been tested in scale 1:1 in their different configurations. The image on the right shows a detail of the 1:50 scale model of a portion of the building.

Hospital goes home 1

Hospital goes home 2

Hospital goes home 3

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