Le Savoiarde

Pencil-set and interactive packaging
June 2010 - Turin, Italy
Client: Royal Residences of Piedmont
Academic Project

Le Savoiarde is a set consisting of 12 coloured pencils characterized by their square section. The aim of our project is to create a simple object, suitable for all kind of clients, affordable and with an easy reference to the Savoy dynasty and their residences, in which will subsequently marketed (bookshops). On the front side of the packaging are represented by die-cuttings, the skyline of four royal residences in Piedmont: from the top, Palazzina di caccia di Stupinigi, Palazzo Reale, Palazzo Carignano and Castello del Valentino of Turin. The 12 pencils inside it, painted black, report on the stem a white strip in corrispondence with the die-cuttings, one on each side and at different heights. Rotating them all in the same direction it is possible to underline a skyline in a choice of four proposals. On the back side of the packaging we included a cutting at the bottom that allows the rapid recognition of chromatic variations of colour pencils. The product is entirely recyclable. For the representation of the product we voluntarily avoided the use of 3D rendering, but we just used technical drawings and freehand drawings.

Freehand technical drawings

Packaging and pencils