Photo collection and website
January 2016 - Shanghai, China
Personal Project is a personal project developed during the experience in Shanghai. It is a collection of personal pictures, taken by myself and by my flatmate everyday and sorted by date, through which I wanted to point out the good and the bad aspects of living abroad, in a totally different context from the one I was used to. The pictures are so different that has been quite hard to catalogue them: some of them are funny, some other more serious. The treated topics are various: lifestyle, food, tradition, friendship and pollution in China are just few of them. This simple project wants to be the starting point for discussions and a source of inspiration for someone who is thinking about moving to China. I personally took care of the development and maintenance of the website, as well as most of the photographs and branding. The logo is represented by the character 年, which means “year” in Simplified Chinese. Take a look to this project by clicking here.