Peacock Lamp

Interior floor lamp
May 2012 - Stockholm, Sweden
Academic Project

Peacock Lamp is a luminaire designed to shape your personal spaces. The inspiration has been taken from the peacock’s tail: colorful, dynamic and majestic. Peacock is a modern and abstract reinterpretation of it, that expresses the majesty and the harmony of the peacock’s tail. The purpose of the lamp is to allow the users to adapt the light according to different needs, in the most comfortable way. How? The five arms, that conceptually refer to the peacock’s tail, can be oriented in every direction, thanks to their internal structure made by flexible goose-necks. So that, it is possible to obtain different light effects: diffuse light, direct light, ambient light or task light. Moreover, the lamp has been designed for the separation of the internal spaces and it can be considered as a piece of furniture. The lamp was exhibited at the design studio “Etage 1” in Stockholm in 2012 and at the Stockholm Design Fair in 2013. Nowadays it is still under revision and refinement. A website has been created in order to promote the product, as well as a Facebook page and a stop-motion video posted on YouTube.

Peacock lamp behind sofa

The team

The team @ Etage 1

Sewing and sewing...

Peacock Lamp