Toto Metro Installation

Metro Display Window
October 2015 - Shanghai, China
Client: Toto
SPARKS Companies Project

Toto is a company based in Japan that is nowadays one of the largest toilet manufacturer in the world. The Toto Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet. Different Washlet models have features such as air fresheners, seat heaters, and dryers. Toto is strongly present on the Chinese market and is currently pursuing a huge advertising campaign. At Sparks, I’ve been involved in the design of two metro window displays. Dealing with the client, we provided them concept proposals and engaging solutions for an eye-catching display. The display showcases three washlets and two LED screens with videos, activated through a button. Part of the front glasses are electrochromic, changing from frosted to clear glass when activated. The window display has been placed in People’s Square Metro Station in Shanghai, interchange between line 1, 2 and 8, one of the most crowded passage areas, in order to get high visibility.