Toto In-Store Corner

Concept for small In-Store space
September 2015 - Shanghai, China
Client: Toto
SPARKS Companies Project

Toto is a company based in Japan that is nowadays one of the largest toilet manufacturer in the world and strongly present on the Chinese market. The Toto Washlet is an innovative toilet seat that features an integrated bidet. Different Washlet models have features such as air fresheners, seat heaters, and dryers. The concept design for this 16msq In-Store corner features a main block that includes n. 2 60” monitors with emotional and illustrative looping videos and a hollow displaying the Toto Washlet in function. A moving Toto Washlet and integrated toilet is placed on a stand, facing the main entrance. The area includes a small meeting room (up to 3 people), where sales can illustrate products to customers and two long inclined furnishings, designed to showcase a total of n. 6 different products. All the materials chosen for this long-term installation are of high quality and in contrast with the white shiny color of the products.