WMF Roadshow

Concept for indoor area
September 2015 - Shanghai, China
Client: WMF
SPARKS Companies Project

WMF Group is a German manufacturer for first-class cooking utensils. Their products, whose exceptional design, perfect functionality and highest quality provide wonderful culinary experiences. This space of around 80msq has been designed to be placed inside malls in Shanghai and first tier Chinese cities. Its main characteristics are the easiness of being assembled and dismantled and the attractiveness of the stand, even from upper floors. Based on a main central core, it includes common and private areas, while providing spaces for showcasing products (through tables and shelves), artworks, KVs and interactive panels. The customer enters a magic world, where elegant furniture and displays are surrounded by oversized hyperrealistic vegetables and pots. Aside from the central part, where Michelin chefs are cooking delicious snacks and clients can purchase products, there is even a small playground for children.